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Blues Alive

Do you want to play at Blues Alive XXIII.?

Enter for a Blues Aperitiv contest festival!

Blues Aperitiv is an integral part of Blues Alive, which is trying to scout for new talents in blues music from among Czech, Slovak, UK or Polish bands.

We guarantee playing at the renowned festival Blues Alive for two bands, which traditionally welcome the visitors with their concert in the foyer of Culture House. The chance for visiting Blues Alive is also for the band, which will have the most votes from the visitors of Blues Aperitiv. This band will start one of jam sessions, that are in pubs and clubs in Šumperk during Blues Alive.

Previous experience from past years gives a chance to more than three bands. The other bands, that will capture the jury´s or the audience´s attention, may get an invitation to play at side stages of Blues Alive, another Czech festivals or in Poland.

The final concert of Blues Aperitiv contest will be held on Saturday, March 10 at Culture House in Šumperk from 7.00 p.m.

Conditions which will give you a chance to be chosen for Blues Aperitiv:

Closing date: 14.1.2018!!!

If you want to take part in the festival, send the application form to horakova@dksumperk.cz. It must include the name of your band, names and instruments, a band bio, a technical rider, a web address, a current photo in press quality and two reliable phone and email contacts. It is necessary to send a demo CD to the address of Culture House with title „Blues Aperitiv“, three songs as mp3 or web link by mail.
From all entry bands 9 will be selected (7x qualifiers, 2x stand-in), seven will perform in front of an international jury and spectators.

Important information for Bands:
Sound technique, Bass Amp, Basic Drum set will be prepared. Bands will use their own instrumental equipments. Every band has for their gig 35 minutes incl. a sound check. Order will by decided by lots. We will give you a contribution for petrol and also reserve accommodation for you. If you want, we may reserve the accommodation for your friends too (they will pay it individually).



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Programme Blues Alive XXII

Thursday 16/11 / 12:00 AM
Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk / Concert for schools

Phil Shoenfelt and Southern Cross / GB, CZ /

1st Main Concert
Thursday 16/11 / 07:00 PM
Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk

Foyer: Band Of Heysek / CZ /
Phil Shoenfelt and Southern Cross / GB, CZ /
Nick Schnebelen Band / USA /
Slawek Wierzcholski and Nocna Zmiana Blues / PL /
Jonny Lang / USA /

Jam session - 12:00 PM
Beer bar HOLBA – opened by Phil Shoenfelt and Southern Cross / GB, CZ /
Admission: 490 CZK

Friday 17/11/ 02:00 PM
H - Club Šumperk
Hot Tamales Trio / PL /
Will Johns / GB /
Admission: 90 CZK

2nd main concert
Friday 17/11. / 06:00 PM
Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk

Foyer: King Bee / GB, CZ /
Slovak Blues Project / SK /
Bex Marshall Blues Band / GB, CZ /
John Medeski's Mad Skillet / USA /
Zac Harmon / USA /
The Blues Harp Explosion featuring Billy Branch, James Harman and Magic Dick / USA, GB /

Jam session - 12:00 PM
Foyer in Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk: opened by King Bee / GB, CZ /
Beer bar HOLBA: opened by Slovak Blues Project / SK /
Admission: 470 CZK

Saturday 18/11 / at 11:00 AM
Cinema Oko Šumperk
Nechte zpívat Mišíka ( Let Mišík play), ČT 2017, written and directed by Jitka Němcová, starring: Vladimír Mišík, Adam Mišík, Radim Hladík and others
Admission: 50 CZK

Saturday 18/11 / at 01:00 PM
Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk/ Theme Afternoon
Family bands:

Petra Börnerová Trio / CZ /
Jan Martinek, Lukáš Martinek & Jan Martinek Jr. / CZ /
Nechte zpívat Mišíky /CZ/

3rd main concert
Saturday 18/11 / 06:00 PM
Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk

Foyer: Mississippi Mixtape / SK /
Cheap Tobacco / PL /
Hugo Race and Michelangelo Russo / AUS, IT /
Jane Lee Hooker / USA /
Eric Bibb / USA /
Mr. Sipp / USA /

Jam session - 12:00 PM
Foyer in Big concert hall in House of Culture Šumperk: opened by Mississippi Mixtape / SK /
Beer bar HOLBA: opened by Cheap Tobacco / PL /
Admission: Thematic Afternoon + 3rd Main Concert - 570 CZK

Permanent pass: 2nd main concert, theme afternoon, 3rd main concert + bonus CD – 790 CZK


Guitarist and Grammy winner Jonny Lang is the first star of the Blues Alive 2017

The whole Mišík´s family are going to play together for the first time.

dalsi fota: 2017_BA_Jonny_Lang_2_nŠumperk / Prague, May 15 - Grammy winner, American guitarist Jonny Lang, legendary harp trio Blues Harp Explosion, fresh Blues Award winner Eric Bibb, raw girl band Jane Lee Hooker, and Mišík´s family music clan ... These are the first names confirmed for the 22nd year of Blues Alive International Music Festival, which will take place 16th through 18th November 2017 in Šumperk Culture Hall and other traditional venues in the town.

Thanks to the public holiday on November 17, which falls on Friday this year, the organizers were able to prolong the festival by one full festival concert to be held on Thursday, which will be wrapped up by the biggest star of this year, American guitarist Jonny Lang. "We have been striving for Lang's performance for many years. Luckily, his European tour this year has been matched with the term of our festival," says Blues Alive director Vladimír Rybička.

Jonny Lang is only 36 years old, but he has already had a successful career for two decades. When he was 14, he was a child prodigy, who had captured the blues world with his debut Smokin' and the hopes pinned on him were confirmed by the world-famous "Lie To Me". The last of his seven albums, Fight For My Soul (2013), immediately topped the sales of blues albums and it was also doing unbelievably well in non-blues charts. Lang's position is supported by a number of partnerships with a many other artists (Buddy Guy, Willie Nelson, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, etc.), the participation in Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Summit, or his appearance in cult film Blues Brothers 2000.

The blues songwriter Eric Bibb is also an outstanding personality of the contemporary scene. He enchanted the Blues Alive audience in 2012 together with Malian singer Habib Koite. This brilliant guitarist and vocalist of many interests in now coming with his blues program, which we know mostly from his albums. "Bibb's activity is immeasurable. For example, he has just won the Blues Music Award for the album "The Happiest Man In The World," and his fresh one Migration Blues has already been greeted with one exquisite review after another, "says Blues Alive dramaturg Ondřej Bezr.

Blues music, of course, is not just guitars. The equally iconic instrument is the harp. Project Blues Harp Explosion brings together three legendary representatives of the first US blues harp league. In 1970s Billy Branch started very popular band Sons of Blues together with Lurri Bell (main star of Blues Alive 2009), and he also played as a guest star with many famous musicians (Willie Dixon, Johnny Winter, Koko Taylor or Taj Mahal). In addition to solo recordings, Magic Dick has been associated with being a long-time member in the band J. Geils Band. He has also met with Buddy Guy, Irma Thomas or Tommy Castro in the legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue. And James Harman, in his rich solo career of two dozen recordings, has often popped out on stages and studios to support his famous colleagues such as John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Lowell Fulsom, or ZZ Top. "We are pleased to invite one-time projects to Blues Alive, in which musicians join for just for a single tour only, the projects we usually do not have the chance to hear. This year's Blues Harp Explosion is a project of a similar type, "says Blues Alive director Vladimir Rybička.

The Blues Alive Festival pays attention to introducing young faces of the world blues scene. One of these new names is Jane Lee Hooker, a five-member girl band from New York, who debuted with album No B! last year. "This band first got me with its funny name. Then when I was listening to their album, I got excited. I think this is how raw rock bands like L7, Hole or Babes In Toyland would play blues, if they were able to play it, " says dramaturg Ondřej Bezr.

The traditional Saturday thematic afternoon will be this year dedicated to family bands. That is to say, either to stable bands or a family get-together just to play at Blues Alive. Undoubtedly, Vladimir Mišík, with his wife Eva and his children, Martin, Bára and Adam, will attract the greatest attention. It will be the first time that this musically gifted family will perform on a stage together. " It is something we have never hoped for, because of the busy schedules of all the participants," comments Vladimír Rybička.

Tickets for the Blues Alive Festival will be put for sale on Friday, May 19, at the festival website www.bluesalive.cz, or in the box office of Šumperk Culture Hall.

The International Competition Blues Aperitiv 2017 knows its winners


On Saturday, March 18, seven blues bands from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, performed on the podium of DK Šumperk, where the eighteenth year of the international competition Blues Aperitiv took place.
The jury and the audience voted for the winners of the contest and decided of those to qualify for the main program of the 22nd Blues Alive Festival, which takes place from 16th to 18th November.
The jury selected from as many as 46 bands which applied for the contest after they had listened to their demos.
On Saturday March 18, the finalists presented the best of their repertoire, which was well appreciated by both the audience, which started to danced soon, and the jury consisting of music publisher, Ondřej Konrád, Polish promoter and publisher of the famous Twoj Blues magazine, Andrzej Matysik and the dramaturge of Blues Alive, Ondřej Bezr.
"This time, the jury had a very difficult decision to make because the bands selected were on a comparable and very high level. Almost all would deserve to qualify for Blues Alive in autumn. They would all looked well on the stage of the big festival. However, it was necessary to choose, " outlined the atmosphere of the international competition Ondřej Bezr, dramaturge of Blues Alive.

"Slovak Mississippi Mixtape have qualified for the two main concerts of November Blues Alive in Šumperk and Chorzow. Their positives are a modernist view of the blues roots, having a clear desire to look for the distinctive way of expression and the great energy they were playing with. They have this energy in common with King Bee, which are to play at one main Blues Alive concert in Šumperk. The band plays a straightforward song bluesrock, the great plus of which is the singer's authenticity, "said Ondřej Bezr.

"Authentic expression, a well-established style of old folk blues and the corresponding Czech lyrics, are characteristic of musician and singer Bužma, who has qualified for the summer scene of Blues Alive as part of the Boskovice festival and Polish festival Front Porch Blues. Audience then has chosen Hot Tamales Trio and it has been crystal clear," added Vladimír Rybička, Director of Blues Alive Festival.


qualified for the main Blues Alive program (Šumperk 16 – 18/11/2017):

Audience Award:

qualified for the main Blues Alive program in Chorzów 19/11/2017

qualified for the main program of the festival in Boskovice and the Polish Front Porch Blues (July 2017)



The competition Blues Aperitiv has raised a great interest

Also this year the international music contest Blues Aperitiv is going to give bluesmen a chance to win participation at the prestigious festival Blues Alive, which will take place in Šumperk from 16th to 18th November.

46 bands from Poland, UK, Austria, Hungary, Belarus, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have entered for the 18th year of Blues Aperitiv contest.

In early February the expert jury, chaired by Ondřej Bezr and consisting of music journalists, active musicians and festival promoters, chose seven groups, which are allowed to play alive at the final concert in Šumperk on Saturday, March 18.
Two winners will be selected from the seven bands and these bands are guaranteed to play at the renowned Blues Alive festival. Previous experience from past years gives a chance to more than two bands. The other bands that will capture the jury´s or the audience´s attention may get an invitation to play at side stages of Blues Alive or in Poland.

The final concert of Blues Aperitiv contest will be held on Saturday, March 18 at Culture House in Šumperk from 7.00 p.m. Admission fee is 90 Czech crowns.

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Advancing to the final concert Blues Aperitiv XVIII.





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