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Foyer: Band Of Heysek /CZ/
A bunch of dudes who compose and play their own sensual, coarsely soiled blues songs, which they released on their debut album in September. The band as such was founded in 2015, three years after the break-up of blues-rap band Nuck Chorris Gang, in which all the members (guitarist Jan Švihálek, drummer Lukáš Kytnar and bass guitarist Mojmír Sabolovič) played, and with which, during five years of its existence, they released two albums. However, they also met within some other projects – Hoochie Coochie Band (which can be considered BLUES ALIVE livestock since its very beginning), Kulturní úderka, Dura & Blues Groove, Tady To Máš, etc. Their prime concert at the Eurotrialog festival in Mikulov (then still under the name Toff) was such a success that they not only got an invitation to the next year, but also a bit bizarre offer to be a support band to the British band Smokie in Ostrava. Since then they´ve been giving concerts in clubs and at festivals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.



You can find us in billboards

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Star Blues Alive

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