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Slawek Wierzcholski i Nocna Zmiana Bluesa /PL/
´For the first time I herad the band Nocna zmiana bluesa with the charismatic Slawek Wierzcholski some time at the end of the 80s in Malostranská beseda in Prague – none of us knew them then. Nevertheless, I bought their LP packed with amazing, at that time strictly acoustic versions of classic standards, and for long it became one of my most beloved blues records. A couple of years later, on one of our first blues music trips to Poland, I had a surprise when I found that on their scene Slawek is a big and respected star – the organizers nearly bowed to him everywhere he stepped,´ recalls BLUES ALIVE programme manager Ondřej Bezr. And really, today the phenomenal harmonica player and singer Slawek Wierzcholski is one of those who determin the course of Polish blues and helps to ´sell´ it abroad. At the same time he works as a festival programme manager and an occasional publicist for Twój blues magazine.
Nocna zmiana bluesa played at BLUES ALIVE in 2006. Since then they have extended their discography, which today consists of more than 25 albums, and played in hundreds of concerts not only in Poland, but practically all over Europe. They are coming to Šumperk to celebrate with their Czech fans their 35th anniversary.



Preparations for the 25th year of the festival

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Blues Aperitiv has been put off

The new date will be announced later.


The date of Blues Alive in 2021 is known

XXVI. Blues Alive will take place from 11th to 13th November 2021.


The date of Blues Aperitiv in 2021 is known

The Blues Aperitiv in 2021 will take place on March 20.