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John Medeski´s Mad Skillet /USA/
Keybordist, pianist and organ player John Medeski is one of the biggest contemporary jazz stars. He became most renowned while playing in the wild trio Medeski Martin & Wood, but he has recorded and given concerts, among others also with an avantgarde saxophonist John Zorn, guitarist John Scofield, blues steelguitarist Robert Randolph, or with ´classics´ Jack Bruce or Johnny Winter.
The band Mad Skillet differs from the great amount of his other activities by a clear-cut turn to the deep roots of blues and funk music of New Orleans. It was put together at the New Orleans Music Festival in 2015 during an occasional jam session when musicians with their deep-rooted grooves, love for blues, jazz and psychedelic style met on stage: besides Medeski also guitarist Will Bernard and phenomenal rhythm section of the famous New Orleans ´brass band´ Dirty Dozen Brass Band, sousaphonist Kirk Joseph and drummer Terence Higgins. ´Terence and Kirk are a perfect rhythm section. They are rooted in music tradition, but at the same time they have no problems starting any new creative direction. It is really extraordinary to find musicians who have deep roots, but who are also willing to experiment,´ said Medecki enthusiastically. What to add? Maybe only that due to the workload of its members concerts of this occasional band aren´t very frequent, but according to eye witnesses they bring their audience to an absolute trance.



Preparations for the 25th year of the festival

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Blues Aperitiv has been put off

The new date will be announced later.


The date of Blues Alive in 2021 is known

XXVI. Blues Alive will take place from 11th to 13th November 2021.


The date of Blues Aperitiv in 2021 is known

The Blues Aperitiv in 2021 will take place on March 20.