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Zac Harmon /USA/
Zac Harmon is a long-standing guitarist, composer and producer with Mississippi roots, who spent large part of his life in Los Angeles collaborating with a vast array of its musicians and he also did a bit of film music. He tried various kinds of music, but he always wanted to ´settle himself in blues´, which he managed to do in 2002 with his live debut album Live at Babe & Ricky´s Inn. This raw recording, which intertwines original composer handwriting with Mississippi feeling and electrifying Chicago sound earned him a reputation and opened doors for him to the best clubs and on stages of the main blues festivals. He is coming back to BLUES ALIVE after eight years again. In 2009 he was one of the stars of the project Chicago Blues Festival Tour, where he was accompanied by his instrumental colleague Gregg Wright and vocalist Diunna Greenleaf.



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