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Foyer: Mississippi Mixtape /SK/
If there is something familiar about this band for our regulars, they might be right: it came into existence by a peronnel and partly also style changes inside the Bluesraiders ensemble, which performed in Šumperk in 2013 (when it became the BLUES APERITIV winner) and 2014. The father of this band is Ján Litecký-Šveda Jr., who is on the one hand a proof that the apple doesn´t fall far from the tree, on the other hand, however, in the area where Ján´s father tries to get the deepest to the roots, his son heads towards more modern alternatives. ´We got fascinated by black music with all its coarseness, urgency and dirtiness. And so we joined two of our biggest inspirations, blues roots and funk form, into a kind of modern funk which smells of blues,´ they say.