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Jane Lee Hooker /USA/
Dana ´Danger´ Athens, Hail Mary Z, Tracy Hightop, Melissa ´Cool Ehip´ Huston and Tina ´T-Bone´ Gorin. No, these aren´t names from a rough comic, but members of a band who used an anagram to name it after one of the gratest blues classics, whose 100th birth anniversary we commemorate this year by the way. ´At first I was caught by the witty name and only then I listened to their debut album No B.! – and it was love at first listening. These girls play blues with a similar feeling to that of my favourite girl rock bands of the early 90s, such as Babes in Toyland or L7,´ says BLUES ALIVE programme manager Ondřej Bezr.

Jane Lee Hooker from New York started playing together in 2013 and toured every possible festival in the States. After two years they signed a contract with the Ruf Records and made there the album No B.!, which consists of highly original covers of blues and soul standards recorded in a very raw style, but at the same time in an unpompous womanly manner. At the moment the band are on their first tour of Europe, whose part their performance at BLUES ALIVE is going to be.

These are ´black mares´ of this year´s BLUES ALIVE, beware of them!



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