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Nechte zpívat Mišíky /CZ/
´When the idea to invite family bands to a theme afternoon emerged, I thought it would be nice if we managed to get to Šumperk also Vladimír Mišík with his sons Maťa and Adam who make music professionally too. Nevertheless, I didn´t hope for a positive result very much knowing about the workload of them all,´ says BLUES ALIVE programme manager Ondřej Bezr. The bigger and more delightful surprise it was for him when after some time Mišík´s manager sent a positive reply. And what is more, he offered that with the male part of the Mišíks musical family the female part can come too. Which means Vladimír´s wife Eva (who is a poet, an author of a few of her husband´s lyrics and who herself performs with the E+Mousy band as a vocalist) and his daughter Bára (an actress and mime, who in some performances also actively flirts with singing). So, the programme manager´s dream has come more than a hundred per cent true. And now one can only chant: Let the Mišíks sing!



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