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Nechte zpívat Mišíka ( Let Mišík play), ČT 2017, written and directed by Jitka Němcová, starring: Vladimír Mišík, Adam Mišík, Radim Hladík and others
The film story of Vladimír Mišík is in the concept of director Jitka Němcová composed of a mosaic of Mišík´s memories, songs, historic as well as personal archives, interviews with his colleagues, close friends and family. Alternation of a fictional space on ´Mišík´s little planet´ with reality on the planet Earth provides the film with a certain rhythm, wit, playfulness and warm humanity. A part of Mišík´s life story is also the topic of a never met father, an American soldier, who left behind only his mother´s memories and two photos. The effort to find out more about him led nowhere for a long time, but Vladimír´s son Adam, being helped by Czech as well as American historians, took the search over...



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Star Blues Alive

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